X-CCR Rebreather Training

The X-CCR Rebreather

X-CCR RebreatherThe X-CCR, designed and built by iQsub and distributed by SubGravity, is the latest in cutting edge rebreather technology. With CO2 monitoring and high-pressure sensors displaying diluent and O2 pressure on the primary handset, the X-CCR sets a new standard for the industry. The standard unit includes a radial scrubber, Shrimp bailout valve (BOV), removable O2 cell cartridge, QuickLoc attachments on all breathing hoses and on the BOV. Manual Addition Valves (MAVs) for both O2 and diluent, Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV), bayonet head fitting, 3 liter steel O2 and dil tanks, choice of Back Mounted Counter Lungs (BMCLs) or Over the Shoulder Counter Lungs (OTSCLs), back plate, harness and wing, primary and secondary handsets, HUD, Metal Sub tank brackets, first stage regulators, and 3 O2 cells are all included as standard equipment. The electronics package consists of the world renowned Shearwater handset, which interacts with the controller and main electronics package residing in the head of the unit (outside the loop). The primary handset includes a digital compass. The X-CCR has flexible options for the secondary PO2 monitor, (a Shearwater Petrel 2, Shearwater NERD or Heinrichs Wiekamp OTSC).

My Thoughts on the X-CCR

The X-CCR is suitable for all areas of rebreather diving. It is not only an attractive rebreather, but it also comes with the latest technology. Metalsub bottle holders are installed, which allows a quick change of the bottles. Thanks to its CO2 sensor, it provides additional safety during every dive, and I would not dive without it. In addition to the HUD, two additional computers can be connected, so a backup is always on the dive. The electronics are operated via two separate Li-ion batteries, so there is a backup.