T-Reb CCR Rebreather Training

The T-Reb CCR Rebreather

T-REB is sidemount Rebreather System, designed and manufactured in Poland, and is the first Sidemount Rebreather with CE Certification, continue reading to find out more about T-Reb CCR Rebreather Training from Rebreather Zone.

The T-Reb CCR RebreatherThe body of the unit is made of high-quality, hard, sea water corrosion-resistant aluminum, additionally coated with a layer of ceramic surface with a Teflon surface coating. The remaining structural components were made from high quality Delrin and stainless steel 316L. Counterlungs have a capacity of 4.5 liters, a 3D construction and are covered with polyurethane on the inside, which prevents colonization of the environment by microorganisms.

The apparatus consists of:

  • breathing hoses with mouthpieces, containing the loop directional valves and a dive surface valve (DSV), shutting off the breathing loop from the environment.

Apparatus in the upper part of the body contains:

  • two counterlungs (exhalation with a valve, and inhalation)
  • diluent valve (MDV) for supply of the diluent with a female connector Swagelok SS-QC6
  • 2l cylinder of compressed oxygen
  • automatic oxygen supply machine for the solenoid valve
  • oxygen valve (MOV) for supply of the oxygen, with the possibility of connecting the gas from an external supply line
  • the head with the connections to the breathing hoses with mouthpieces
  • sidemount system side to the "bungee" on the right side of the diver
  • head with electronically controlled valve and the oxygen sensors with eCOiS® (electronically controlled oxygen injection system) system, which is also a closure for the bottom of the canister which contains a container with the radial flow CO2 scrubber.

You can monitor the composition of the gas in the breathing loop on the display mounted on the forearm. Monitoring of the parameters of the oxygen partial pressure in the breathing gas of the loop is done via the eCOiS® control module built-up on the head of the device. Oxygen is added to the loop automatically via the solenoid valve or manually by means of MOV. Additionally, there is a wire transmitting the analog signal of the three oxygen sensors placed within the head. The cable is provided with a universal Fischer connector (7 pin).


Diver Swimming With The T-Reb CCR Rebreather


Communication between electronic devices of the eCOiS® system is done digitally with use of
the CAN BUS implemented hardware.

Diving with the use of breathing apparatus T-REB® can only be performed in the temperature of the surrounding water from +4 to +34 degrees Celsius. Dives beyond this temperature range can lead to transient disturbances of the process of diving.

My Thoughts on the T-Reb CCR Rebreather

The T-Reb CCR is a sidemount rebreather built exclusively for this purpose. This is not only noticeable in the construction, but also in the work of breathing. The T-Reb is also ideally suited as a bailout rebreather, as the rebreather has a so-called Anti Collapse System ACS.

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