Shark Rebreather Training

The Shark Rebreather

SHARK REBREATHERSThe SHARK REBREATHERS are simple, robust and customizable. Aimed at all levels of diver whether it be technical, beginner or advanced.

Known for its performance and breathing comfort, the SHARK REBREATHER, is equipped with the latest AV1 electronic controller with HUD backup, separate manual injectors, external gas supply and integrated oxygen mass flow.

Unique and customizable to order, she SHARK REBREATHERS can easily fit in luggage, allowing you to take it anywhere you wish to go.


  • Simple, safe, and easy to use: No excessive gadgets allowing you to avoid unnecessary technical problems.
  • Robust construction: An aluminum hull protects the entire rebreather, while all the electronics are embedded in resin eliminating contact with moisture.
  • Easy maintenance: With just one use, any user will quickly see that the pre and post maintenance of the SHARK REBREATHER is fast and easy. The rebreather separates into three parts: the electronics, the protective shell, and the lime canister.

My Thoughts on the Shark Rebreather

The Shark HCCR BackMount has successfully passed all the tests required by the EN14143: 2013 standards, obtaining the relative certification without any exclusion.  The rebreather is easily prepared by following the convenient and precise check list provided.  Calibration (previously automatic) has been modified with the manual one, which certainly requires a little more attention, but for this reason less subject to errors by the user.

The harness is of excellent quality, well finished, comfortable and with all the necessary accessories to the right places.  Connection are small and simple, allowing you to use every size of cylinder, which are attached and removed easily.

The mouthpiece in is comfortable in the water, even for longer duration dives, and leaves you without jaw fatigue.  The DSV feels heavy on the surface, but this is only if you're making an extended surface swim, once in the water, it's much more comfortable.

The placement of the counterlungs inside their housing, allows you to breathe correctly in all positions in the water, even with the a full wing.  This is a critical point of many backmounted counterlung rebreather units.  Additionally, the counterlungs are easily removed from their housing to allow thorough cleaning , sanitizing, and total drying.

The two manual injection controls for oxygen and diluent may seem a bit oversized at first, but are comfortable and safe to operate in all conditions, even with thick or waterproof gloves.

The computers display and HUD is clear and intuitive. The HUD doesn't show the exact PO2 readout by itself, but does signal the various alarms reported by the computer, such as depth, deco exceeded, or battery problems. The computer and solenoid batteries are located inside the head and are easily recharged without being removed, via the USB ports located on the handsets.  One of the other features of the head is that the computer/HUD portion is easy to remove, so that in case of technical issues, just this portion can be sent in for repair.

I did various stress test, including swimming against a current, and found that I had no additional buildup or retention of CO2.

Upon returning from a dive, its cleaning is simple and complete.  The corrugated hoses are removed with a simple 1/4 turn, after unlocking the safety button.  Once the various connections have been removed, the head is easily removed by pressing the release button.  Transporting the unit is simple and easy with the attached handle.

Shark Rebreather Training - Courses Offered:

Rebreather Experience€ 120,00  TDI CCR Air Diluent Diver€ 1.000,00  TDI CCR Air Diluent Deco Procedures Diver€ 1.100,00  TDI CCR Helitrox Deco Procedures Diver€ 1.200,00  TDI CCR Mixed Gas Diver€ 1.000,00  TDI CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Diver€ 1.100,00  TDI CCR Technical Cross-Overs and Upgrades€ varies  IANTD CCR Full Rebreather Diver Air Diluent€ 1.000,00  IANTD CCR Full Rebreather Diver – AR Trimix€ 1.100,00  IANTD CCR Normoxic Trimix€ 1.000,00  IANTD CCR Trimix Diver€ 1.100,00  IANTD CCR Expedition Trimix Diver€ 1.500,00  IANTD CCR Technical Cross-Overs and Upgrades€ Varies