SF2 Rebreather Training

The SF2 Rebreather

SF2 RebreatherIn comparison to other units the SF2 Rebreather is straight forward, compact and streamlined. Currently most rebreathers position the counter lung over the shoulder and on to the chest. This makes the transition from OC to CCR configuration difficult. Stages must be positioned differently, often they sit too low, so trim and stream lining are affected. The positioning of various accessories, such as back up lights must be re-rigged to allow for the position of the counter lungs.

The outer structure of the SF2 being made from carbon fibre is strong and light weight as the various components are fitted in a long tube the attachment of cylinders is straight forward allowing 3 litre to whatever size is appropriate for the dive. The SF2 is aimed at the advanced sports diver or trimix technical diver and having incorporated the counter lungs in the carbon fibre tube makes it clutter free in the chest area. The manual adds are located on the waist band with the ability to connect off board gas again removing clutter from the chest area.

My Thoughts on the SF2 Rebreather

I bought the SF2, because this is an all-rounder. It is possible to dive as a back and a sidemount. The conversion takes only 10 minutes. The weight is minimized to its carbon tubes, so traveling with it is no problem either.  Another advantage of the SF2 is that the flushing of the loop is as easy as with any other device, only by setting up new gas.  The SF2 rebreather is a "Type-T" rebreather, so I only offer technical courses with this unit.

SF2 Rebreather Training - Courses Offered: