Poseidon MKVI / SE7EN Rebreather Training

The Poseidon MKVI / SE7EN Rebreather

The Rebreather Zone offers Poseidon Rebreather Training on both the SE7EN and the MK-VI rebreathers.  While the MKVI rebreather is a recreational unit, the SE7EN is a robust rebreather that can be used for both recreational and technical diving.


Poseidon MKVI / SE7EN RebreatherFrom the moment you first see a Poseidon SE7EN, you’ll know that the world of diving has changed. Stylish, rugged good looks decorate and protect the most powerful dive computer ever built. Automated pre-dive and in-dive safety checks make rebreather diving easier and safer than ever before. Versatile Performance Technology© makes the SE7EN suitable for first-time divers, advanced technical divers and anyone in-between. The Poseidon SE7EN is the only rebreather you’ll ever need!

Available in both a recreational and technical version, the Poseidon SE7EN is a great rebreather to train on with me.

My Thoughts on the Poseidon SE7EN

The Poseidon Se7en was my first rebreather. This rebreather can be used for recreational and also Technical diving.  The automatic test program additionally controls and protects the diver.  With this system, in case of an error the dive would not be allowed to proceed.  The pre-packed scrubber cartridges are safety-rifled.

Poseidon Rebreather Training - Courses Offered: