KISS Spirit Sidewinder Rebreather Training


KISS Spirit Sidewinder Rebreather

A new close circuit rebreather of the American company KISS REBRETHERS appeared on the dive market. The device is dedicated mainly, but not exclusively, to sympathizers of sidemount configuration and deserves attention because, in a world where everything is potentially invented, it is not easy to innovate. It was managed by Mike Young co-owner and constructor of KISS Rebreathers, who, based on his previous proven, and reliable construction solutions, created a completely new configuration concept - Close Circut Rebreather SPIRIT SIDEWINDER.

KISS SIDEWINDER is equipped with two scrubbers. The right scrubber head is fitted with hose connections providing oxygen and diluent as well as Automatic Diluent Valve (ADV). The left scrubber head contains three oxygen sensors with a wire for connecting a PPO2 measuring device and a relief valve. The unit comes with a counterlung fitted between the diver’s back and the sidemount harness, which connects the scrubbers, and corrugated rubber hoses for the DSV (Dive Surface Valve).

The exhaled gas goes through none-return mushroom valves to the right scrubber head (exhale side), where oxygen is injected through a small orifice and, as needed, diluent is added via Automatic Diluent Valve or still more oxygen via Manual Add Valve. Subsequently the gas moves through the right scrubber, where it is cleaned of carbon dioxide for the first time, and is injected into the counterlung. Then inhale causes the gas to flow from the counterlung to the left scrubber (inhale side), where carbon dioxide is removed for the second time. Before the gas reaches the diver’s lungs, three oxygen sensors provide data on current PPO2 level.

KISS Spirit Sidewinder includes:

  • 1 gas addition scrubber head: 1 scrubber head elbow, 1 KISS original automatic diluent valve (ADV), 1 hose quick connect tower, 1 indexing mark, 1 threaded ring, 4 springs.
  • 1 sensor scrubber head: 1 main display port with Fischer cable hardwired, 1 secondary display port plugged, 1 hose quick connect tower, 1 indexing mark, 1 threaded ring, 4 springs, 1 sensor attachment plate, 1 bronze nut, 1 exhaust valve, wiring for 3 sensors.
  • 2 scrubber canister’s which include for each canister: base with attachment screen, top screen, protective black coating.
  • 1 manual add valve (MAV) set which includes: 1 MAV & filter, 2 oxygen rated hoses.
  • 1 KISS DSV.
  • 1 cylinder side off board gas accessory for the diluent cylinder.
  • 1 custom Spirit Sidewinder counterlung, with 1 set (2) black circ clips.
  • 1 oxygen first stage with Delrin plug & OPV installed.
  • 2, retractable loop hoses, with 4 quick connect hose stubs.
  • 1 thumb drive with manuals.
  • 1 mounting plate (if required), 1 off board accessory whip.

Does Not Include: 

  • Oxygen cylinder.
  • Diluent/bailout cylinder and first/second stage.
  • PPO2 display/computer.
  • Pressure gauges.
  • 3 K‐22D sensors.
  • Sidemount harness ‐ The Sidewinder will work with most, but not all, sidemount harness.  Dive Rite & Hollis sidemount harness’s have been tested and are known to work well.

Available Upgrades:

  • Fischer cable to the secondary display port ($390)
  • HUD to the secondary display port ($1080)
  • Shearwater NERD ($2,500)
  • Shearwater Petrel ‐ PPO2 mode only ($600) *Note: this is upgradable to a full Petrel
  • Shearwater Petrel dive computer ($1,495)
  • Syntactic foam lining, black coating with insulation ($350)
  • K‐22D oxygen sensors, minimum order is 3 ($109 per sensor)

Kiss Spirit Sidewinder Rebreather Training - Courses Offered:

Rebreather Experience€ 120,00  TDI CCR Air Diluent Diver€ 1100,00  TDI CCR Air Diluent Deco Procedures Diver€ 1.200,00  TDI CCR Helitrox Deco Procedures Diver€ 1.300,00  TDI CCR Mixed Gas Diver€ 1.100,00  TDI CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Diver€ 1.200,00  TDI CCR Technical Cross-Overs and Upgrades€ varies