JJ-CCR Rebreather Training

The JJ-CCR Rebreather

JJ-CCR RebreatherThe Rebreather Zone offers technical JJ-CCR Training on the robust and versatile JJ-CCR Rebreather. The JJ-CCR is a relatively compact unit with quality construction and many simple features including their intuitive and easy to understand HUD.

The JJ-CCR rebreather is built to be user friendly, robust, versatile and adaptable to whatever dive you have in mind!
It is ready to fly right out of the box, but build as a platform simple to adapt in numerous configurations depending on your skills and needs. All components of the JJ-CCR rebreather has a purpose and every detail can be justified. It has industry low work of breathing, state of the art electronics with redundant power supply, a user friendly design and heavy duty construction. A slim, robust and simple construction opens for the diver to place bailout, light canister, or gas for buoyancy needs directly on the scrubber housing.

There are many options for JJ-CCR training, however, if you contact us at the Rebreather Zone, we can help you find the right training for you on this awesome rebreather.

My Thoughts on the JJ-CCR

The JJ-CCR is a rebreather which follows the KISS principle of  "Keep it simple."  This rebreather works well for a regular sports diver who is a technology enthusiast, as well as more complicated Trimix dives.  The largest operational areas in my opinion is it's use for wreck diving and cave diving.

The JJ has a Can-Bus system and monitors the sensors. If the deviation of the individual sensor values ​​is too great, they are colored in color on the handset. Furthermore, the JJ has an HUD, where the diver can read his PPO2 via a flashing line.  As with any ECCR, the JJ also has a solonoid, which feeds the oxygen to the desired PO2, which is usually between 0.7-1.4 PP02.  The JJ can also be controlled manually with manual add buttons.  The JJ has standard a Shearwater Petrel 2 as a controller to the HUD can also be connected to a Shearwater NERD.

The JJ-CCR has a very sturdy construction, this is reflected again by the aluminum tube stand.  In addition, the device has two radially sealed O-rings on separable screw connections, as well as the central control unit in the head of the unit. The breathing comfort is realized at the JJ because of the counterlungs.  With the back mounted counterlungs, which is more natural for breathing, it makes the work of breathing easier than other rebreathers.   The JJ is known for its robustness and reliability, the CE rating allows you to dive with the device in depths down to - 100m, as well as the above mentioned areas of application, so the JJ is for me an all-rounder which defies any challenge.