ISC Tiburon Rebreather Training

The ISC Tiburon CCR™ Rebreather

ISC Tiburon CCR RebreatherFor Tiburon CCR™ Rebreather training, the Rebreather Zone offers several technical courses. The Tiburon CCR™ from Innerspace Systems Corp is the accumulation of years of design validation of the ISC Megalodon breathing loop and Shearwater DiveCAN® electronics.

The Tiburon CCR offers proven ruggedness and tested over 18 years of manufacturing with CE approved breathing loop and framework. It's ISC modular design allows the Tiburon to use any standard backplate, harness, and BCD.  

Additional features include: 

  • Travel-friendly sizes that easily fit in the overhead of most aircraft. Travel weight
  • Over the shoulder Minnow lungs
  • Breathing loop, recoverable breathing hose, and water expulsion valve
  • Standard issued Cave gas plenum canister with ISC shadow mounts and welded solid bottom plate.
  • Shearwater DiveCAN electronics head with modular pressure-proof electronics and battery boxes.  
    • The diver can remove system electronics and preform field repair or easily ship electronics back to ISC or Shearwater repair facility
  • Plug and play display and devices for upgrading and repairs
  • and more

Contact us today for a full list of Tiburon CCR™ and Shearwater DiveCAN® electronics. 

The design of the Tiburon CCR™ meets fundamental design requirements established by the creator Leon Scamahorn, Founder and CEO of InnerSpace Systems Corp, in the USA. InnerSpace Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and the only one like it in the USA at this time. ISC is a custom CCR manufacturing company that designs systems to meet customer requirements.