ISC Pathfinder Rebreather Training

The ISC Pathfinder Rebreather

ISC Pathfinder RebreatherFor training on the Pathfinder Rebreather from ISC, the Rebreather Zone offers several courses.  The Pathfinder is the smaller lightweight sibling of the Megalodon rebreather, which is built with travel and portability in mind.

The Pathfinder is an ultra lightweight travel-friendly closed circuit rebreather with ISCan Electronics. IScan™ is the next generation electronics developed by Innerspace System Corp to power the new Pathfinder rebreather. IScan is a Controller Area Network system based upon proven ISO standards used in the automotive aerospace and defense industries IScan is a digital network designed to allow independent devices to communicate and interact with each other.  Handsets, HUDs and various sensors can operate independently and in concert to increase safety, redundancy and to reduce single points of failure.

The PATHFINDER rebreather system is used primarily with one oxygen cylinder mounted on the unit. The diluent cylinder is mounted as a stage bottle to supple diluent, BCD operation and bailout. This eases weight and complexity, as the diver does not need two cylinders mounted on the back of the CCR to operate the PATHFINDER (although that is an available option)

The Pathfinder has several different options and configurations available, so scrubber size, canister weight, and other specific details vary depending on which configuration you build. See more details at http://www.megccr.com