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PADI TecRec Advanced Wreck Diver Program


TecRec advanced wreck diver specialty course is for qualified wreck divers to learn the safe techniques in wreck penetration. This program is designed for Tec Deep / Tec 60 CCR Instructors who wish to conduct training in Advanced Wreck techniques. This skill set would include line laying, deep penetration and advanced wreck diving techniques.

The template below includes the minimum content for a course. You should use the information below to develop your outline fully. A distinctive may be more conservative than this, but not less so. It includes a series of knowledge development topics that must be included or covered at some stage, and also a series of skills that must be included at some point during the specialty.

General Standards

Pre-requisites: Student: Tec Deep Diver /Tec 45/Tec 60 CCR Instructor: Tec Deep Instructor (Open circuit) /Tec 60 CCR Instructor on the specific unit (CCR)
Maximum Depth: Maximum depth 50 metres Maximum penetration of wreck 50 metres
Ratios: maximum: 3:1 + 1 with Certified Assistant
Min student age: 18
Minimum no. dives: 6
Required equipment: As per Tec 45/Tec 60 CCR course + primary light and two backups, At least one primary reel per team and one safety reel per diver.

Academic topics:

  • Lights types and maintenance
  • Reels types and maintenance
  • Pre-penetration preparation
  • Entering and exiting Penetration techniques to include:
    • Finning techniques
    • Line laying techniques
  • Hazards to include:
    • Disorientation
    • Loss of viz
    • Entrapment
    • Entanglement
    • Loss of gas supply
    • Line traps
    • Separated buddy teams
  • Local wreck diving regulations
  • Project AWARE – responsible wreck diving considerations

Instructors should review the student’s equipment set up and specific considerations relating to the wrecks being dived. This should be conducted with pre-requisite TecRec certification equipment requirements in mind, along with pre-dive checks. This is also an opportunity to discuss positioning of lights, reels etc.

Skills to be included:

If the student does not have line laying training (Wreck Specialty or Cavern/Cave training) then these skills should be practised on land and in open water prior to penetration. Instructors should pre-assess all students appropriately regardless of their previous certifications.

Note: All standard open circuit and/or CCR dive procedures should be included in training dive performance

Land based skill development to include:

  • Deploying a guideline
  • Technique for following guideline
  • Team roles
  • Silt out
  • Touch contact communication
  • Use of reel in lost line procedures
  • Use of line in lost team members procedures
  • Dive planning

Skills to be demonstrated:

  • Proper propulsion techniques – no silting finning, pull and glide techniques (where appropriate)
  • Follow guideline
  • Deploying guideline
  • Demonstrate correct hand and light signals
  • Simulate primary light failure and back up light deployment
  • Air share w/ team member in confined space
  • Remove / replace mask while in contact with guideline *
  • Silt-out procedures
  • Follow line while sharing air
  • Demonstrate touch communication with team members
  • Follow guidelines with no mask / blacked out mask *
  • Demonstrate air sharing technique whilst swimming through a restriction
  • Follow line with no mask/blacked out mask while air sharing *
  • Lost line and lost team members techniques
  • Demonstrate correct staging techniques for cylinders (CCR divers must retain sufficient bailout) outside wreck

* Note that no mask related skills should be practised in open water first prior to
completing them in an overhead environment.

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