TDI Cave Sidemount Diver

TDI Cavern Diver

TDI Cave Sidemount Diver

This course is designed to teach certified cave divers how to safely utilize side-mounted primary
cylinders as an alternative to the traditional back-mounted configuration.

Qualifications of Graduates:

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in sidemount cave diving
activities without direct supervision so long as the following limits are adhered to:

  • Penetration is limited to the (1/3) air rule
  • Forty (40) msw / one hundred thirty (130) fsw maximum depth.
  • Safety and decompression stops as appropriate or necessary.
  • Maintain a continuous guideline.
  • Proper cave diving equipment is used.
  • Planned dives do not exceed diver’s current certification level.

Course prerequisites:

  • Be a minimum age of eighteen (18).
  • Have a minimum certification of TDI Full Cave Diver or equivalent.

Course Structure and Duration:

Open Water Execution

  • Three (3) cave dives are required with a minimum accumulated bottom time of ninety (90)

Course Structure

  • TDI allows instructors to structure courses according to the number of students participating
    and their skill level.


  • The suggested number of classroom and briefing hours is four (4).
  • Course must be taught over a minimum of two (2) days.


The following material is required:

  • Instructors may use any text or materials that they feel help present these topics.

The following equipment is required for each student:

  •  Dual cylinders, volume appropriate for planned dive, and student gas consumption.
  • Two independent first and second stage regulators each with a submersible pressure gauge.
  • Buoyancy compensator with power inflator appropriate for sidemount configuration.
  • Exposure suit adequate for diving environment.
  • Mask and fins.
  • Two (2) line cutting devices.
  • Three (3) battery powered lights – one (1) primary and two (2) back-ups, each with a burn
    time suitable for the planned dive time.
  • Safety reel with a recommended minimum of thirty meters / one hundred (100) feet of
  • One (1) primary cave-diving reel per team with length appropriate for intended dive.
  • Dive computer and additional depth and timing device (backup computer recommended).
  • A minimum of three (3) directional markers.
  • A minimum of three (3) non-directional markers.
  • Appropriate number of jump and gap reels containing an appropriate amount of guideline.

Required Skill Performance and Graduation Requirements

The following land drills must be covered during this course:

  • Land drills may be performed at the instructor’s discretion.

Pre-dive drills:

  • Use START before every dive
    *START is an acronym for S-drill (Out of Gas drill and Bubble Check), Team (buddy equipment
    checks), Air (gas matching), Route (entry/exit and planned path underwater, Tables (depth,
    duration, waypoints and schedule)
  • Stress analysis and mitigation

The student must perform the following in-water skills during cave dives:

  • Demonstrate no-silting propulsion techniques (frog kick, modified frog kick, modified flutter
    kick, backwards kick, helicopter turns, and hand pulling if appropriate for the environment)
  • Demonstrate adequate buoyancy control (ability to hover at fixed position in water column
    without moving hands or feet)
  • Demonstrate adequate trim (ability to maintain proper position during the descent, bottom
    and ascent portion of the dive)
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform the following exercises while maintaining trim and
    buoyancy in the water column:
    A. Unclipping and attaching sidemount cylinders.
    B. Perform gas switches with and without a mask.
  • Demonstrate the ability to safely manage gas in independent cylinders.
  • Demonstrate conservation, awareness, and back referencing techniques


TDI Cave Sidemount Diver € 600,00