IANTD OC or Sidemount Tek Lite Cave Diver

IANTD OC or Sidemount Tek Lite Cave Diver
IANTD OC or Sidemount Tek Lite Cave Diver

IANTD OC or Sidemount Tek Lite Cave Diver Course Overview

The IANTD Tek Lite Cave Diver program will introduce the certified cave diver to extending their dive duration by adding decompression and advanced nitrox techniques.  This is the entry level technical cave diving course, and is required to move further along the line to become a full technical cave diver.

Course Duration:

This is a 6-day course.


This Program is designed to train Advanced EANx Divers or higher to use his/her knowledge to safely enjoy cave diving and navigate in the cave main-line.

How deep can you dive with the IANTD Tek Lite Cave Diver (OC, SCR, CCR) Program?

When conditions warrant it, (such as areas without access to caves suitable for training at depths of 130 fsw (39 msw) or more shallow) Tek Lite Cave Diver Programs may be conducted to a maximum depth of 160 fsw (48 msw), provided the students are qualified as Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver or 140 fsw (42 msw) provided the students are qualified as Advanced EANx Diver.

What do you need to enroll in this program?

  • IANTD Cavern Diver or IANTD Limited Mine Diver or equivalent.
  • Must be qualified as IANTD Advanced EANx or Higher.
  • Must be a minimum of 15 years old.
  • Must proof of a minimum of 35 logged dives, after certified as IANTD Advanced EANx Diver, where 20 were decompression dives with double cylinders or side mount cylinders.

What is the minimum materials requirements?

  • IANTD Tek Lite Cave Diver Student Kit.

What this program must include?

  • Academic Sessions
    • The Overhead Environment;
    • Planning Dives in Overhead Environments;
    • Operational Aspects of Overhead Diving ... and much more.
  • Confined Water Sessions
    • Survival Skills;
    • Practice of SCUBA diving equipment configuration including redundancy and streamlining;
    • Practice use of reel and line ... and much more.
  • Open Water Sessions
    • Out of Gas Scenario;
    • Regulator Failure Drill, Practice of ALL Emergency Scenarios and much more ...

What makes an IANTD class different?

  • More knowledge!
  • More Practical Skills & Emergency Drills
  • Focus on have better, more comfortable and safer divers

Why you should enroll in an IANTD Program?

  • Simply because Train Divers is What Does Best;
  • IANTD is always ahead of time and leading the diving education as we are known to be always the First to Teach;
  • IANTD has a well elaborated and progressive training.


IANTD OC or Sidemount Tek Lite Cave Diver € 1.000

Combine and Save:

Combine this course with the IANTD Cavern course for € 1000