TDI Full Cave Instructor

TDI Full Cave Instructor

Far and above, the TDI Cave Diving Instructor rating is an outstanding accomplishment few can claim. Arriving at Cave Diving Instructor Evaluation, the candidate has conducted at least three Intro to Cave Diving courses as well as having assisted in at least one Cave Diver Course. Following the format as Cavern and Intro, the candidate, having been recommended a TDI Cave Instructor, will demonstrate many of the Intro skills as well as now adding academic subjects such as gas matching procedures for example. Additional in-water skills include air sharing through restrictions, lights out drills and traverses, gaps and circuits.

TDI Full Cave Instructor

Full Cave Instructor Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 21
  • Be a certified as an open water instructor in active teaching status with an internationally recognized scuba training agency for at least 2 years
  • Have a minimum certification of TDI Introductory Cave Instructor or equivalent (e.g. NACD, and NSS-CDS), with active teaching status
  • Provide proof of at least 200 full-cave dives
  • Provide proof of teaching a minimum of 3 TDI Introductory Cave Diver courses
  • Provide proof of assisting with a minimum of 1 complete TDI Full Cave Diver course with an active TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor
  • Provide recommendation from a minimum of 1 TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor with whom the candidate has assisted in cave training, stating the candidate is prepared for the TDI Full Cave Diver Instructor Evaluation Program. *

Course Structure and Duration:

Open Water Execution

  • TDI allows the instructor trainers to structure programs accordingly;
    adequate time to ensure comprehension and ability to perform skills

Course Structure

  • Candidates must participate in a minimum of 2 TDI supervised cave


  • Minimum time of 15 hours

The TDI Full Cave Instructor support materials include:

Required Reading:

  • TDI Diving in Overhead Environments Manual
  • TDI Diving in Overhead Environments Instructor Guide
  • TDI Diving in Overhead Environments Instructor Resource CD

Suggested Reading:

  • NACD Art of Safe Cave Diving
  • Basic Cave Diving – A Blueprint for Survival
  • Caverns Measureless to Man – Sheck Exley


TDI Full Cave Instructor € 1.000,00