IANTD Rebreather Cross-Over Course

IANTD Rebreather Cross-Over
IANTD Rebreather Cross-Over

IANTD Rebreather Cross-Over Overview

If you're a certified recreational rebreather diver on another unit, and would like to crossover to either the AP Inspiration, AP Vision 2020, Poseidon Mk6, Poseidon Se7en, or the Lungfish, this IANTD rebreather crossover course is for you.  Very simply, you'll learn the ins and outs of these other units, and how they are similar to and differ from your current rebreather.

Course Duration:

IANTD Rebreather Cross-Over is a 2-day course with 4 dives.

Are you already certified on another rebreather and want to cross over to another unit?  This is the course for you.


  • Certification on another rebreather


The cost of this course varies depending on which rebreather you'd like to learn on.