Lungfish Rebreather Training

The Lungfish Rebreather

Start your Lungfish Rebreather Training today with the Rebreather Zone.  We have many years of experience with this unit, and for recreational rebreather diving, you'll find that the Lungfish is an enjoyable unit to dive for recreational rebreather diving.

Lungfish RebreatherSmaller and lighter than competitive rebreathers, the Lungfish compact rebreather is also lighter and far less awkward than most traditional scuba gear and can be easily configured in a variety of ways to meet any dive (and travel) needs.

Lungfish’s technology combines a number of novel and patented features to maximize safety and performance for the ultimate diving experience.  Including the following options:

  • Carbon Dioxide Monitoring
  • Failsafe Gas Addition
  • Self Checking Electronics
  • Flood Resistant Scrubber
  • Instantly Adjustable Counterlung Volume

My Thoughts on the Lungfish Rebreather

The Lungfish Rebreather is a device designed for recreational diving. Due to its light construction, it is very popular for travel.

I dive the Lungfish CCR for recreational diving. Its advantages lie clearly in the weight and the safety with 3 oxygen sensors and a CO2 sensor. When traveling, the Lungfish CCR is my constant travel companion because of its light weight. Thanks to the Velcro system, the optimal volume of the lung is always given. The variable configuration possibilities, bottles right and left or down below leaves nothing to be dangling on the side, and maintains a low profile.

The Lungfish is one of the few CCR units to feature a CO2 sensor. The head is loaded via a Fischer connection. Additionally, the possibility to connect an additional computer via a Fischer connector port. I offer Recreational CCR training with the Lungfish Rebreather.

Lungfish Rebreather Training - Courses Offered: