Flex 2 CCR Rebreather Training

The Flex 2 CCR

The Flex 2 CCR Rebreather

Flex CCR is a robust, compact exploration rebreather.
It is approximately the size of an aluminum 11L/AL80 cylinder. The unit is entirely self-contained, with the exception of oxygen and diluent gas supplies.

Flex can configured as an mCCR or eCCR.

In the default configuration, Flex comes with the following:
Scrubber Can w/5lbs radial scrubber, fenestrated CL cover tube w/removable door, 3D counterlungs with dump valve and bayonet connectors with snorkels, head (incl. watertight cable connectors) with removable sensor carriage, Top Lid with ADV w/integrated MAV ports and hose bayonets and nipples.

Additional components and electronics packages are added to this platform to configure the unit to your specific requirements.

My Thoughts on the Flex 2

I was looking for a Sidemount Rebreather that is both self-sufficient and bailout rebreather.

I dive an XCCR, of which I am satisfied, so I chose the Flex 2 Rebreather, which is also available through "IQ Sub".

It is compact, light, and handy. It is attached from the outside with an O2 Carbon bottle via Metal Sub. Optionally, it can also be equipped with a Carbon Diluent so that a stage's connection is not absolutely necessary. By the arrangement of the counterlungs, you have a fantastic breath comfort.

The Flex 2 has the same qualitative design as the XCCR, and is operated with a Shearwater. Thus, a technical change-over was not necessary. It is operated with a Shearwater Petrel 2 as a control, and it can be extended with a shearwater nerd 2. This also makes decompression dives possible - thus ideally suited for technical diving.