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JJ-CCR next Step

After completing the JJ-CCR Air Diluent course, Michael has now completed his JJ-CCR Helitrox course. I wish you many safe and beautiful deco dives.
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First Triton Course in Turkey

After 5 hard working days in Kusadasi (Turkey) Tagmac has completed his Triton CCR course. This was the first Triton CCR course in Turkey. We'll see us again for the instructor course.
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Triton Diver and Instructor Course

On the last day in Hemmoor, Alex and Peter successfully completed their Triton CCR Helitrox course and Philipp his Triton Air Diluent Instructor. A successful week for everyone involved came to an end.
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Pathfinder Helitrox Course

After hard work, Sebastian successfully completed his Pathfinder CCR Helitrox course. A lot of sweat has flowed, but in the end it was successful.
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Benedicts X-CCR Course

Benedict completed his X-CCR Air Diluent Course yesterday. I wish you many more beautiful dives and see you at the next course.
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TDI Air Diluent Course on JJ-CCR

Congratulations, two new rebreather divers were born yesterday. After a top performance, Michael and Mareike have completed their TDI JJ-CCR Air Diluent Diver course.
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